Adams Idea Super IS XTD

This is a great club for a low handicapper as it was designed for tour players. The speed slot on this club really allows the player to feel less resistance on the swing of the club creating a pure hit. The move towards hybrids is real. I wasn’t sold on it and still had a 3 iron in my bag until last October before I hit this club. The shaft that I have in mine is a project x shaft. Here are the specs.

Specifications: Adams Speedline Super LS Hybrid
Model Loft Lie Length SW Hand Flex
15 15º 56.5º 42” D2 R R S X

By Jayson Karnafel

Jayson Karnafel (or "Moose" as his friends call him) is a hard-core golf enthusiast and is Currently a Moonlight Tour Member. Jayson has been playing golf avidly for over 10 years, but since graduating from the Golf Academy of America, he has taken his golf game to new heights. This past year Jayson, has also pursued other career interests while avidly working on his game and giving lessons to developing golfer. He vast knowledge from his golf education and experience on the course, make him an excellent contributor and valuable partner at the new Golferzine community.

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