Do you tend to overswing?  Do you practice swings look & feel great, yet it’s virtually impossible to fully sync up your swing at times over the ball (even after months on end of working on it)?  You may have found your problem and the solution right here in this article.

The phrase “Scapula Stability” isn’t a conversation that will be very interesting to a swing junkie or general golf.  However, it’s something that shouldn’t be discounted if you are serious about building a rock solid golf swing.

I just thought I would reply to this old topic since it may help some people and think it’s highly relevant….

I have personally struggled with continuing to overswing….also struggled with this after building a solid swing foundation and earning to strike the ball fairly well.

However, I also learned that I had absolutely zero scapula stability.  This made it nearly impossible to swing and not completely lose my angles at the top.  It also resulted in shoulder strain/impingment after a year of relentless practice/play.

After doing excises to stabilize my spine and the shoulder blades, I had to re-groove my “top of the backswing” position as well as my transitional move.  I am currently in the process of doing this now so that I can start building more coil and gradual upper body torque in my swing…   My hope is that I can forever avoid letting my hands fly behind my head making longer clubs nearly impossible to strike with any consistency (unless my timing is spot on).

Note: I was able to drop from a 17 to a 10 handicap in one year of hard focused practice even with my unstable shoulder blades and have become a better player in many facets of the game.  I have been told my practice swings look great by many as well.  But, over the ball, there is little tempo because I was using all feel with the hands to find where my swing ended.   Without scapula stability and shoulders that are completely connected to the core muscles, I now know that it’s nearly impossible to play consistent golf.

If you struggle with over-swinging and feel your swing is solid but still not stable (and u struggle with the driver and long clubs off the turf), I would highly suggest you check to make sure you are stable in your shoulders.  See a chiropractor for a treatment and you will know immediately within 24 hours whether you’ve battled with poor motor control just by the changes the treatment will provide.  If you do notice major changes, the chrio isn’t the end all fix all… on strengthening those areas.

If you work at a desk (where your arms often sit rested in front of you and shoulder tend to slouch), I would highly recommend working on postural movement changes and shoulder stability exercises.  Even if you already have a swing that you know is repeatable and will hold up for the long term, I still advise you to not overlook the importance of scapula stability (and pelvic control).  You can easily return from the winter one day to see your swing turn to mush and not know why.

Hope this helps someone!!

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