The ability to have every shot in your bag is what every golfer thinks about.  Walking up to a par 4 blasting it 300 yards, but then blade’ing your half-swing wedge into the sand, or even the woods is the worst feeling a golfer can have. Sometimes it’s all about focus, sometimes its talent, other times its elements of your swing.  But, the difference between an amateur and a professional golfer is the understanding that in-between the two ears are where it all happens.  You have to have every shot in the mind as well.

When a pro golfer walks up to a shot, they look at the landing area, the water, sand, woods aren’t in his mind as opposed to an amateur. One look at a hazard can get the mind off track.  The time that is spent worrying about where the ball can go is wasted time.

Your pre-shot routine (for approach shots) should contain the following:

  • Look at where the ball should be landing
  • Pick a place on the green you want to land it on
  • Choose a spot in front of the green where u think the putt will break.
  • Utilization of your most valued resource; your mind.

Sports aren’t like meetings; the need to really focus and be in the moment is a absolute necessity. Clubs, Grips, Shafts even balls don’t make shots the one’s mind can before its even hit. Visualization is the key to sports especially golf because not only are the elements and the course part of the challenge, the other competitors are two. Golf is a very unique game because it combines ones creativity and capabilities. The difference between a pro golfer and an amateur is the power to have every shot in his mind and not just have it in his bag.

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